My name is Joseph E. Morgan but most people call me Joe. I am currently serving as visiting faculty in music at the New England Conservatory. My primary research focuses on the dramatic music, theory and aesthetics of Germany in the early 19th century, and I have written and presented papers on E. T. A. Hoffmann, Robert Schumann and Carl Maria von Weber. I am currently preparing a monograph on Weber and early German Romanticism which I hope to have published real soon.  Other interests include American popular music and chamber music.

I have taught courses at Brandeis University, The Walnut Hill School for the Arts, and Boston University on various subjects including Romantic Opera, the 19th Century Symphony, and Chamber Music from Mozart to Brahms. I also maintain (or neglect) a blog  at insurancequote.deals.

On a personal note, I am a book worm, husband and father. Yes, I’m very busy, but happy that way.

with my wife and daughter Washington D.C. 2010
with my wife and daughter
Washington D.C. 2010